Friday, July 11, 2008

Unmarked Pesticide Application Potentially Leads to Death of Rat Terrier

Debbie Green Mitchel from Indiana suspects that a pesticide sprayal on her neighbor's lawn may have been the cause of her beloved Kikki.

"The chemicals used to treat a neighboring yard open to the public caused the death of our littlest family member. Our five year old beloved Rat Terrier, Kikki, was in perfect health.

My eleven year old daughter always walked her on our neighbor's lawn. That day, we had no warning it had been sprayed earlier, and I was at work.

Last year, our neighbors were able to warn us when their lawn was sprayed, but we did not get any warning this year. As a result, Kikki lost her life. I never dreamed this was possible."

The contamination took effect quickly. "In just two days she was gone, but had showed few signs of being poisoned. She had stopped eating well, but was a picky little girl. She did drink water, but had no energy.

Debbie decided to take Kikki to the veterinarian's, but it was already too late. "The morning I was going to take her to the vet, she was dead. I buried her last Saturday...the HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life! She is so missed!

The company should be required to at least post a warning sign. I have seen no rabbits since they sprayed that yard either. The yard is half an acre, unfenced, and a tragedy waiting to happen. I have been numb with a fuzzy mind all week due to their lack of concern with the use of such harmful chemicals."


Gary Russell said...
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Gary Russell said...

I am so sorry for your loss of beloved Kikki, I am sure was a sweet girl. I have a sweet Rat Terrier, Dee Dee, a rescue of ~5. I am working to have synthetic lawn chemical herbicides and pesticides removed from our Condo assoc.'s arsenal. Please know that your report is helping me to document the purpose of our cause.