Friday, July 11, 2008

Lawn Chemicals Also Pose Danger to Rabbits

We received several letters from animal lovers concerned about the hazards that lawn chemicals pose to animals other than cats and dogs, especially rabbits.

Colleen, from Australia:

"As a rabbit lover, I am concerned about your failure to include rabbits along with cats and dogs in the chemicals on lawns issue. Rabbits are much loved pets and very susceptible to contact with these dangerous chemicals and the dangers involved to them. They eat the grass and plants and are ingesting these cancer causing agents into their small bodies. I therefore plead with you to include rabbits in this issue, they cannot speak for themselves."

Bunny Hugs, Fiver, and Ms. Bea:

"Please add us Bunnies to your list! We are just as good as our friends the dogs and cats."

Lana Lehr and RabbitWise:

"As the third most popular companion animal in the USA, we rabbits are also concerned about chemicals on lawns project and their effect on us animals. We rabbits even eat the grass and other plants that we find around our yards. Many of us have outside time on the grass.


All Da' Bunz"

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